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HAMILTON’s team of highly qualified scientists and engineers is in constant contact with laboratory scientists who work at the forefront of research. This intensive exchange of knowledge allows

HAMILTON to translate the latest scientific trends into automation solutions - thus providing scientists with the technology to accelerate their research.

When you invest in a high-performance liquid handling workstation, you can expect the high quality, precision and reliability that HAMILTON is famous for. In-house manufacturing of all important components combined with a remarkable depth of production at our facilities in Switzerland and the USA means that only top-quality system components are used in our workstations.

For a manufacturer that also builds life-support instruments, compliance with ISO 9001, GMP and FDA regulations goes without saying. In order to minimize costly down time for our customers, HAMILTON’s service teams ensure a rapid response when maintenance or service work is required.

Today’s laboratories require flexible and fast compact robotic workstations to efficiently automate assays and sample preparation. 

When you choose a STAR Line workstation, you get a system that has been developed based on 50 years of expertise in liquid handling. Valuable feedback from many customers has been constantly incorporated into our product development and has lead to innovative solutions for a broad range of applications.